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ISQT takes immense pleasure and pride in announcing "Agile Best Practices Conference at Bangalore on 26-27th June 2013".

Agile as a methodology for software development has grown up considerably over the last few years. Its time to learn and appreciate its uniqueness and benefits. India is in the fore front in adopting Agile in software development life cycle.


ISQT’s Step Auto conferences have always been credited with introducing New Approaches, Techniques, Tools and Best Practices on Software Testing. These events aim at converging Test Leadership, Management & Innovative Test Strategies.

The tracks and topics of the conference are carefully chosen and designed to cater to the needs of testing community’s enthusiastic participants.

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About ISQT

ISQT Process & Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. with idiom 'Value First', is a Bangalore based Process Consulting and High-End Training Company.

ISQT is a value-based, vision-driven, mission-focused organization whose client-centric services have roots in a systemic view and a holistic approach.


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Conference Schedule

DAY 01- 26th June 2013
Agile Best Practices - Building Agile Organization

09:45AM-10:25AM Topic: Enterprise Agile Adoption — Challenges and Good Practices
Speaker: Mr. Rathinakumar Balasubramanian, Agile Leader,
Intuit Technology Services (P) Ltd
10:25AM-11:05AM Topic: Building a Winning Self-Organized Teams Techniques and Activities that make Scrum Master; Awesome
Speaker: Mr. Naveen Nanjundappa, Chief Agilist, Solutions IQ
11:05AM-11:25AM TEA BREAK
11:25AM-12:05AM Topic: Agile - Different Approaches
Speaker: Mr. Pramod Mukkundi, Project Manager, Rakuten Inc
12:05PM-12:45PM Topic: Why is Kanban implementation simple and easy
Speaker: Mr. Naveen Nanjundappa, Chief Agilist, Solutions IQ
01:40PM-02:20PM Topic: Building Agile Culture
Speaker: Ms. Meenu Sachdeva, Sr. Project Manager, Robert Bosch
02:20PM-03:00PM Topic: Open-Source Framework To Manage Agile Based Development
Speakers: Mr. N Raghavan, Manager QA; Mr. K. Anantanarayanan, Manager QA,
Tata Elxsi
03:00PM-03:40PM Topic: Unwinding Agile Scrum Challenges for Success
Speakers: Mr. Muralidharan J, Technical Test Lead; Mr. Rajkumar Selvaraj, Technical Test Lead, Infosys
03:40PM-04:00PM TEA BREAK
04:00PM – 04:40PM Topic: Interesting Challenges and Compromising Solutions in Agile – A Perspective
Speakers: Ms. Geetha Sriram, Head Assurance Consulting;
Tata Consultancy Services
04:40PM – 05:20PM Topic: A Scorecard based approach to assess readiness for agile
Speakers: Mr. N Raghavan, Manager QA; Mr. K. Anantanarayanan, Manager QA,
Tata Elxsi
Topic: "Agile & Business Value"
DAY 02- 27th June 2013
Agile Best Practices - Agile Implementation in Projects
09:05AM-09:45AM Topic: Making Effective Agile Meetings
Speaker: Mr. Manoj Jain, Director-Technology Development,
MakeMyTrip India Pvt Ltd
09:45AM-10:25AM Topic: Agile Transformation Strategies
Speaker: Mr. Jayaprakash Puttaswamy, Director, Aritha Consulting Services
10:25AM-11:05AM Topic: Psychology of Agile Methodology
Speaker: Mr. Vinay Babu, Project Manager, Robert Bosch
11:05AM-11:25AM TEA BREAK
11:25AM-12:05AM Topic: Application of Theory of Constraints in Sprint Planning for Non-Cross Functional Teams Transitioning to Agile
Speaker: Mr. Suresh Ramanathan, Sr. Consultant, Lean 2.0 Initiative, Wipro Technologies
12:05PM-12:45PM Topic: Physics of Estimations
Speaker: Mr. Naveen Nanjundappa, Chief Agilist, Solutions IQ
01:40PM-02:20PM Topic: Treading the Agile Tightrope: A Deft Approach to Explicitly Handling Risk as an Agile Team
Speaker: Ms. Sherry Wasandi, Consultant – Java Development, XEBIA India
02:20PM-03:00PM Topic: Multiple Modular Design and Interface Data Management
Speaker: Mr. Mahesh S, Manager Software-C-D&E, Bharath Electronics
03:00PM-03:40PM Topic: Agile Methodology & Extreme Programming – A Retrospective Study
Speakers: Ms. Esha Rao Sathanur, Test Engineer; Mr.GowthamSabariHarikumar, Test Engineer, Infosys
03:40PM-04:00PM TEA BREAK
04:00PM – 04:40PM Topic: Agile Performance Testing Across Geographically Distributed Team – Case study
Speaker: Mr. Subhadeep Chakrabarty, Test Manager (Technical),
Siemens Technology Services
04:40PM – 05:20PM Topic: Enhancing Agile Testing using Context Driven Test Approach
Speaker: Praveen Kumar, Test Analyst, Infosys
05:20PM-06:00PM Topic: In Cycle Testing - Automation On The Go
Speaker: Mr. Kumara Guru Balan N, Test Lead, Indium Soft

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