25 - 26 Aug 2015, Bangalore, India

You are invited to submit a proposal to speak at ISQT's Agile Development Conference Asia 2015.The software development industry wants to hear your powerful insights, experiences earned over years, superior practices, great ideas, innovations, and trends on how to build better software with agile methodologies. Each session is 50 minutes in length, and interactive sessions are encouraged. Proposals are now being accepted through June 20, 2015.

Submitting a Proposal is Easy. Download “Speaker Proposal Form”, just provide a short description in a specified space, and send by email. You have multiple tracks to choose from and you can also one or more proposals.


Accepted speakers get a complimentary conference registration INR 9250/- Value!
(Tuesday 25th Aug 2015 & Wednesday 26th Aug'15)


ISQT's Agile Development Conference will be held from 25th Aug 2015 & 26th Aug'15 in Bangalore, India. Software industryand delegates want to learn more about your Best Practices, case studies, ideas, innovations, trends, and practical lessons so as to use them in their professional work ones they go back to the office.

  Some Popular Presentation Topics:  
▪ Agile Evolution

▪ Agile Requirements

▪ Agile Implementation

▪ Transitioning to Agile

▪ Scrum Evolution of Agile

▪ Kanban

▪ Lean Agile

▪ Agile Development

▪ Continuous Integration in Agile

▪ Product Deployment
▪ Agile Software Testing

▪ Enterprise Agile Transformation

▪ The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

▪ Measurements in Agile

▪ Agile Architecture

▪ Agile and Automation

▪ Agile Thinking

▪ Building Agile Team

▪ Agile Leadership

▪ Lean Agile
▪ Test Driven Development

▪ Impact of Agile

▪ Agile Project Management

▪ Agile Portfolio Management

▪ Agile and Enterprise Architecture

▪ Agile Business Intelligence

▪ Sustainable Agile Transformation

▪ Agile Best Practices
Feel free to submit any other interesting idea or topic even if it doesn't fit into any one of these categories. Share Your Experience and Make your Mark as a Speaker!
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