About TestTako Team Competition

  • - “TestTako Testing Competition” is open ONLY FOR CORPORATE TEAMs
  • - Competition is for the duration of 4 Hours
  • - TestTako Testing Event aims at creating an opportunity for companies to test their implementations with Testing Teams who participate in this TestTako competition. It helps in getting useful information that helps in debugging and reducing time to market and optimize the software. It also, enables networking
  • - We give/specify the Implementation of a company or Product for testing
  • - You are required to Perform Test to Reveal Defects in the Software and Compete to Win!.
  • - Participation in TestTako Events is open to all companies and organizations.
  • - TestTako provides essential feedback on the product, as well as to the companies whose products are tested at the event.
  • - Engineers get together to test the product 


Terms and Conditions

    • - There are 3 Prizes: Winner, I Runners-up, II Runners-up
    • - All 3 Winning Teams will get Trophy, Cash Prize, and Certificate. All other teams will get Participation Certificate.
    • - There is “No Registration Fee”
    • - A Company can send maximum 4 teams
    • - Please enclose “Approval or No Objection” from company either by forwarding the email approval that you might have obtained OR by sending the Scanned Copy of such an approval.
    • - Send them along with the “Step-Auto Conference: TestTako Team Competition Registration” form  by email to submissions@isqtinternational.com
    • - The participants shall carry Laptops which can be enabled for wifi connectivity. We will provide wifi access
    • - It’s the responsibility of the participants to come and ensure that their laptops are set-up properly  before start of the competition by arriving at the venue well in advance. No support will be extended in this regard once competition starts.
    • - The participating team shall sign “Non Disclosure Agreement”
    • - Decision by Judges of the competition is final and we do not entertain any objections towards the same.

For Details, Contact

Mr. Vijay George
Cell: +91 7829806764

e-mail: vijay.george@isqtinternational.com

Ms. Padma B
Cell: +91 080 23012504

e-mail: padma.b@isqtinternational.com


I am glad to be on the conference to meet TTCN-3 Conference and share the experiences

- Andrus, Elvior

I have been attending ISQT's Conference for several years now. Each time I go back with lot of information & understanding of various topics across different domains. I find these conferences very enriching & helpful for everyone. Thanks for organizing such a event every year.

- Himanshu Nigam, Motorola

Very good Choice of Topics. Very informative. Very good choice of speakers. Overall a very interesting and a very informative program. Thanks to ISQT for giving us an opportunity to attend this program.

- Deepa V, Yahoo